2021-07 - Grant Proposal - keeevin

Name: keeevin
Organization: Independent
Role: Developer Relations Engineer

This is a grant proposal. Below, you would list your hourly rate in both stable coins and WRAP tokens, the periods that you’re working for (separated by month!), and your wallet address.

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x937F5b32Bc3cafcd1B02462F93e6AE5a843f6C6A 4,000 USDT 155.70 173 23.12 USDT, 0.90 WRAP Jul 2021


:warning: Note:
Keeevin was accepted as a core contributor and can make proposals that last indefinitely. This is at-will meaning that the DAO can terminate him or he can leave at any point.

Since this is a forum post, the community is free to reply to keeevin’s topic and give feedback on his work, compensation, or anything related to his contributor log.


I’m working mainly as a developer relations engineer at Polywrap. In this role, I meet with potential launch partners to help the understand our project and its use-cases. I’m also the liaison between Polywrap’s core dev team and our launch partners, relaying any technical issues that the LPs have with our toolchain. Aside from dev relations, I help with general operations, community management, frontend development, and more.

Contributor log

Throughout the month, keeevin will update this log with work that he has completed and link to the relevant support. E.g., if he completes a documentation page, he’d link to that page.

:warning:DEADLINE for logs:
Contributors need to finalize their log for the month by the end of the first week of the month otherwise payment may be delayed!

2021-07 Completed projects

For each month in his grant proposal, keeevin will list his completed projects!

Design new proposal process

Prepare for EthCC

  • Create slides for Jordan’s EthCC presentations

Uniswap v3 <> Polywrapper

  • Submit the v3 grant
  • Talked to Uniswap engineers over Slack to receive feedback from their team


  • Create tutorial page for integrating Polywrappers into your dapp
  • Merge build pipeline guide into docs
  • Update docs (welcome page, getting started, advanced sections)
  • Reviewed Create a Wrapper guide for accuracy and added sections to go into further detail and clarifications for each steps of the process

Launch partner program

  • Meet with Frontier.xyz
  • Meet with Blockchain Education Network (BEN)
  • Meet with Parity/Polkadot to discuss potential grant and partnership opportunities
  • Meet with MakerDAO to discuss contribution opportunities
  • Met with Moonbeam ecosystem team to discuss potential partnership
  • Follow up with LPs in general on Telegram and elsewhere
  • Write grant proposal for MakerDAO


  • Updated the financial model to accommodate for both Polywrap and Web3API treasuries (Up until mid July)
  • Meet with new dev shop, Consider It Done Tech, help onboard them into Polywrap DAO by walking them through our proposal process, reviewed and approve their pricing structure
  • Build a new ops-related model
  • Work on ops-related deck in Canva


  • Read through Polkadot / Moonbeam resources as provided to us by the Polkadot / Moonbeam teams


  • Updated branding for demos. See Github merges here and here
  • Review Kris’s PR for GraphQL subscriptions
  • Pushed fix for Uni v2 <> Polywrapper demo for SharedBufferArray issue. Will last until Chrome version 96. See it here.



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